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hahucloud.com β€” HahuCloud is Affordable Ethiopian Web Hosting Provider. πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή

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New Update! πŸ™Œ
We’ve now configured our server to support Node.js apps β€” It’s available on every plans. Now It’s even easier to setup your Node.js apps with the cPanel graphical interface.

β€”β€” Promo Code: HAHU30 β€”β€”

We are offering a 30% Discount on Standard and Professional Hosting Plans β€” Take action before this promo expires.

🌩 Web Hosting For 560 Birr with 1 Free .COM Domain Name.

Visit: HahuCloud

⚠️ Note: In order to get the discount, you must enter the promo code - HAHU30 - while placing an order on HahuCloud.

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Promo Expires on: Aug 10, 2019 | Limited Time Offer
Hello, HahuClouders! πŸ‘‹

Should We start providing a VPS hosting? β€” You can vote and let us know your thought.
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Yes, I need a VPS Hosting! 😁
I don’t mind. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Eid Mubarak! β˜ͺ️
30% Discount on Professional Plan - Till Aug 15

Get the Professional Plan For only 700 Birr a Year!

β€” β€” β€” visit our website: www.hahucloud.com

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Get Started! β€” FREE .COM Domain Name!
Hello, HahuClouders! 😊
We’ve interesting #GIFT 🎁 just for you!

.. and That’s 15, 50 and 100 Birr Mobile Card!
Starting from Today, We will recharge your number with mobile card starting from 15 - 100 Birr for FREE

You’ll get this gift from us when you buy a hosting package.
Go place your order now on HahuCloud

Starter β€” 15 Birr
Standard β€” 50 Birr
Professional β€” 100 Birr

β€” ⚠️
Make sure to put your mobile number correctly when you place an order. since your number will be recharged automatically after you made the payment
.et Domain Registration β€” Coming Soon on HahuCloud. πŸ˜‰
🌼 Happy New Year! 🌼
Pay with Amole and get 15% discount.

We are very pleased to tell you that We've integrated #Amole as a payment gateway for @HahuCloud.

You can pay with Amole directly on HahuCloud and get your Hosting & Domain name in less 1 minute.

It's simple and fast – Buying Hosting and Domain has never been this much easier in Ethiopia.

🎁 We are also offering a 15% discount if you buy the Standard and Professional plan and make the payment with Amole.

🌼 Happy New Year, Once Again! 🌼
መልካም የαŒ₯αˆα‰€α‰΅ α‰ α‹“αˆ! πŸ‹ @HahuCloud
Payment Made Easy.

We made it easy for you to make payments on HahuCloud! It's simple and fast – Buying Hosting and Domain has never been this much easier in Ethiopia. Own Your dream domain in less then 3 Minute!

–– More payments options will be coming soon.
If you are looking for a VPS hosting, you can get it from HahuCloud.

βœ… Root Access
βœ… Dedicated IP Address
βœ… VPS Control Panel
βœ… Faster Performance
βœ… Scalable CPU, RAM & SSD
βœ… Multiple Choice of OS
– What Do You Prefer
CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian? β€” Operating Systems of Your Choice!

Checkout the pricing on our website > https://hahu.cloud/vps
⁠@HahuCloud is proud to be a @DigitalOcean Solutions Partner!

Excited to join DigitalOcean’s mission of combining the advantages of open source, the power of simplicity and love for the developer community to revolutionize the cloud. 🀩
Let's Fight #COVID19 virus !

πŸ‘‰ Join the Community!

The Novel Coronavirus is devastating the world. It could get worse in Africa in the coming few weeks or months.Some software developers in Ethiopia have launched some digital solutions to combat the pandemic. For instance, Corona Virus in Ethiopia Status and Tracking Website , Coronavirus Update Website by Nabil Hassen, and Covid19-Ethiopia by Nabil Mohammed. We believe we can bring a significant effect if we contribute with the skills that we have got. This is also the opportunity to promote open-source community in Ethiopia.

Well, Do you want to join the campaign and start to help? We highly recommend to join Ethiopia COVID-19 Response Task Force Community. In this community, you can participate in different open-source digital solutions or serve as a volunteer.
There are already 7 undergoing projects in the task-force community. There is a slack channel as communication channel. Join now and leave your fingerprint.

​​Due to less air pollution , You can now see Hahu in the Cloud.
HahuCloud is proud to announce that it is now a Channel Partner for Africa's Talking. We are excited to bring you Africa's Talking SMS API product that is everything you need to build high impact mobile engagement solutions in #Ethiopia and across the continent.