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“The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it…Silicon-based information technology, in contrast, is far from having become part of the environment… The arcane aura that surrounds personal computersis not just a “user interface” problem… Such machines cannot truly make computing an integral, invisible part of the way people live their lives. Therefore we are trying to conceive a new way of thinking about computers in the world, one that takes into account the natural human environment and allows the computers themselves to vanish into the background.”
昨天看到这个 repo,读了一些收录的 post-mortem,觉得跟看 Air Crash Investigation 的感受很像:那些严重的事故往往不是源于单一因素,而是由多个潜伏许久的罕见因素共同发生所导致的。
"And that’s what the internet has become. Full of gossip, junk content, paid posts, con articles, click bait links, sock-puppetry, spam, regurgitated spam, free e-books, self aggrandizement, fake followers, fake news, - all designed to achieve one thing - con the Search Engine - and you."

这正是当下时代缺乏的一种认知模式。我们会花很多时间纠结最大最亮的 IMAX、最高的分辨率、最完美的音质,但很少会真正把一个作品掰开揉碎了好好消化掉。越来越多的作品只是单纯从我们的耳朵、眼睛里流过,所以创作者才愈发需要用惊悚的感官刺激来捕捉我们的注意力。

这个时候才凸显出电影院、演唱会、Livehouse 的重要,你还可以学会用自己的方式在家里 hack 出一个电影院和演唱会的「情景」。
将网页内容完全储存在 URL 中的奇思妙想……
很有意思的文章:让人从 1 - 10 中随机选一个数,结果并不会是一个 uniform distribution。那么如何来修正这个分布呢?
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关于华为手机 P 月亮引发的争议,你当然可以说让算法来定义什么是「美」什么是「真实」是危险的。我个人也赞同。


Brains are survival engines, not truth detectors. -- Blindsight