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About the bot, when you use the faucet :

- wait to get the captcha picture
- then click on it to see it entirely
- and write the math result...
- join telegram channels + follow twitter
- enter your twitter username
- Done!

Do it carefully because after too much fails, you could be blocked from the faucet feature. For now, blocked people are allowed again...

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Hello there 👋

There is two new coins/token added and some unused coins will be delisted soon ! 👍

About people asking for the IDA token bot, it's over there : @IDAfaucetbot and for the people who have an issue with twitter, insert your username without @ 🤑
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Wow! Happy 1k users here ! 🎉
Thanks a lot. 😍

Keep sharing our telegram and the @IDAfaucetbot is still running, keep claiming and earn more IDA by sharing your IDA referral link (check it in the IDA bot!) 🔥😊👍
Another little poll ! 😊
What do you prefer to spend time on??
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Games & Gambling
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Hello allcoiners. 😁
Once again we want to hear from you about what you want.

Add a comment to this message to tell us what do you want we add / change on ! 🥇
You can also explain more about your ideas on the allcoins chat.

Then we will try to make your wishes come true... 🤪
See you soon !
Hi 👋
If you are using the command miner, please download the last version on
Due the new algorithm, the old version won't work anymore from the following days. Thanks & happy mining ! 🤑
Hi. Some more news here !

- Bitcoin withdrawal fees and threshold are lowered !!

- Last day for the old algo on command miner, update it asap. Tomorrow your gpu should also able to mine with the new algo! (More troubleshooting tips was added on cmd miner page)

- Quiz game on chat is available anytime ! XP reward on every wins, Bitcoin rewards when there is enough people connected to the chat

New algo is awesome ! 👍
You have something like ~ +510% hashrate with your CPU and GPU is working fairly with the new cmd miner !!
NB : Old Mining pool ports 3335 & 3336 are closed. Please use the new one.
Https://GoGo.Monster : a new token and a new promising website !

- You can claim free coins on the GGM faucet bot @ggmfaucetbot

- You can invest by exchanging your TRX or BTC to GGM

More we will invest more good things we will get on the website + the token is cheap and could worth way more later. 😍
Please, be aware of the last news on about coins removal (DGB, PIVX, BTG, ZEC, ETN, RDD, BSV)
BTC withdrawal fees lowered !
Win 100,000 BTC Satoshi !

New puzzle added !
From this level, you have to find 24 words, so the 12 words + 12 extended seed words.
More info on

Good luck !
NB: did you found SEGWAY? 😉
New Token added !
Hello dear users !

We hope you are all safe...
Today you could spend some more good time on your favorite website !

We just added the GOGOMONSTER TOKEN !
You can access now to our GGM FAUCET.

If you want to know more about GGM, you can check the website : there is some free tickets to play games and earn bitcoin or 6 others crypto coins !

Have fun
A new version of is coming !

After almost 3 years... It's time to make it new and better!

We received a lot of complains about our anti bot system, so we will rework entirely the faucet and we will rework the entire website so if you have any suggestions, tell us your ideas asap ! The new version should be released in ~2 weeks and you will love it ! 😍