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15 ways to increase revenue in a webcam while working as a web model
If you once believed that when you work with the web model of video chat in the webcam area, absolutely every model earns tens of thousands of dollars every month on such sites, then you are deeply mistaken if you still think so and can not increase revenue in the webcam.
Because the whole point is that earning 1 000 - 2 000 dollars every month, can any medium-static web model, while huge amounts of money, which are usually more for 10 000 dollars of monthly income, can only earn "the most correct" webcamer!
And to achieve such high earnings, namely, to increase revenue in a webcam, you need:
If you, as a web model, do not comply with all the rules, and for example, only a part of them, then you can say that "above your head" by income, you do not jump - that's for sure.
Thus, it is necessary to know, at least approximately, which rules of the ideal web model there are and how to perform them in order to earn more money on webcams than you really imagine.
To earn more money on your account, you need to most often focus the attention of visitors on the most interesting and naughty places, to arouse their intense interest and entice them into a paid video chat mode.
If you do not do this, then the revenue will be significantly less than when you perform this, very important, point of the ideal web model.
Of course, no one says that such a point is quite easy to perform, because it needs some kind of energy, but it's energy, after all it's physical movements, after all. But you can definitely say that if you want to raise your income in a webcam, you will find these forces, even the most minimal ones, and try not to be lazy in your work.
That is, you need to think over the "scheme of flirting" and clearly perform it from time to time and then you will all get by with the first paragraph of the rules.
Wrong approach to business:
Just sit on the camera and do not move, lie on the acouch or bed and do not move (this path is chosen only by lazy web models)
The right approach to the case:
Standing on his feet, as often as possible, move to the camera, focusing the attention of the members on their positive qualities of the body.
Moving to the camera can also be on the knees and in various other poses, even almost lying on a bed or a sofa. Therefore, choose for yourself your convenient foreshortening, the main condition of which will be the possibility of a convenient movement in front of the webcam.