#Delete WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram
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Facebook & its services violate Privacy, mine your data and censor free speech.

They control how you communicate and what you share on social media
Try living a month without WhatsApp, Instagram or F#cebook.

It's time #DeleteFacebook
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The Pegasus project: NSO Group software can record your calls, copy your messages and secretly film you

Revealed: Human rights activists, journalists and lawyers across the world have been targeted by authoritarian governments using hacking software sold by the Israeli surveillance company NSO Group, according to an investigation into a massive data leak. The leak uncovers global abuse of cyber-surveillance weapon. Spyware sold to authoritarian regimes used to target activists, politicians and journalists, data suggests.


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How You Can Stop The Cyber-Pandemic & Prevent Your Computer From Spying On You

90% of computers spy on their users. If you use Windows or macOS, yours is one of them.

Ramiro Romani of The Greater Reset & Freedom Cell Network is raising awareness about the extent of this spying, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Liberate yourself by installing a free & open source system on your computer.

Its never been easier, and #TakeBackOurTech will help you migrate to Linux over the next 2 weeks

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They shut down Barinsta! a FOSS client for Instagram.
Forwarded from Priyanshu Rai

At approximately 21:33 UTC July 26 2021, I have been hit with a cease & desist letter from a law firm repsenting Facebook. The letter was sent to one of my personal email address as well as Barinsta's public inbox (and as a result, it is published). In response, the source code has been taken down, and all promotional materials within my control has been adjusted to reflect the fact.

While I believe it is nearly impossible to fight a resourceful multinational firm and reinstate the app, we will still try to get as much resources as we could to navigate in this crisis.

At this dire moment, I ask you to do 1 thing: Please let others know what is happening here. Such bullying behaviour against a young university student is in no way excusable. Such bullying behaviour against many internet users is in no way excusable.

It has been an honour of a lifetime to serve as one of the main contributors of Barinsta. I am forever grateful for the countless supporters along the way.

Thank you & Best Regards,

Austin Huang
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Ironic that Facebook is fighting to 'Protect user's information and privacy' 😂😂

#bibliogram and other FOSS frontends might face similar issues in the future, so stop supporting non-free platforms like #facebook
Forwarded from Memesta (Mojtaba)
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#Delete WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram
They shut down Barinsta! a FOSS client for Instagram.
> zucc: Cool project you have there. Hey Brian, Jan wanna join Facebook in coNnEctInG tHe wOrLd?

> Umm okay, but no bs right? just pure, simple messaging?

is it for me?

> zucc: 🤑 here's 19 billion 🤝
> Brian, Jan: bye bye, adios!

2016 FB
> Okay so here's so called 'end to end encryption' cuz everyone's doing it!! & we at Facebook care about privacy!

Real paying customers: (advertisers)
> But what about ads?

> zucc: oh yeah, quarterly reports! The real customers are our advertisers not users.
How about we locally scan messages for ad interests and everyone's gonna believe us cuz we didn't ditch our proprietary encryption!

> gov: wow you guys are so cool! this is how encryption should be handled now hand us the tech to decrypt, ahem (analyze) messages like you do

> FB: Sure, as long as you let us tie up with your ISPs and slow down competition

> gov: yes just keep building more of this tech all our politicians are on Facebook!

> fb users: PriVacY iS a mYtH i nEed to coNsOom mOrE sOciaL mEdiA! ahem (conNect wiTh my friEnds)

Facebook in a nutshell
Forwarded from Privacy Memes (Nathan)