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Forwarded from Telegram News
Today’s update adds filters to global search, a new setting to make group admins anonymous, and channel comments to start a conversation in your community.

New filters for media type, date and source are available in Global Search.

Admins can now become invisible in the list of members. Messages from such anonymous admins show no trace of their personal account and instead are signed with the name of the group.

Channels with a discussion group now have a comments button under their posts. You can try this here: @durov.

Read our latest blog post for more info on all these features and more, including a host of new animations and tweaks for Android.
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Forwarded from Telegram Info En (Antonio Marreti 🚩)
ECOMMPAY announced integration with Telegram

The provider of payment services and direct acquiring of bank cards will provide messenger users with the ability to pay for goods and services through bots.

«Telegram has over 400 million active users worldwide and the messenger is the most downloaded social media app in 20 countries. Moreover, more than 40% of Telegram users interact with bots. Now they will be able to buy movie tickets, pay for utilities, insurance, travel and much more inside the messenger», – the press release said.

ECOMMPAY appeared in Russia in 2012, is registered in the UK, entered the markets of Asia, Africa and Europe, has grown to a global scale, promises business clients support for “more than a hundred” ways to get money from the buyer.