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Well #Signal is baking their own crypto now. 😤How will the techbros & #elonmusk explain, that this wasn't a #ponzi scheme. 'jUsT uSe sIgNal' the non-profit, one time soulution to WhatsApp.

The soultion is #federated protocols, dontating to projects to help reach feature/privacy parity with centralized ones. NOT shifting to another centralized silo - that will inevetiably fail in a free market.
All 3 Browser Ecosystem Suck!
Look's like everyone is following #Brave 's model.#Chrome on device #FLOC

Brave's on device BAT Rewards
#Firefox and this new Scroll thing

All 3 browsers are 'owned' (influenced) by Google.
The rendering engine (Chromium/Blink) & Funding (Mozilla/Firefox)

Alt browsers like qutebrowser don't have a cross device ecosystem#Apple won't release #Safari as #freesoftware

We don't live in the magical #openweb
We are at the mercy of #google

"Baker joined the Source Code podcast to discuss what's happening at Mozilla, why she thinks web browsers are still so important, how blockchain and crypto might reinvent the web and why, after two decades of thinking about the internet's technology questions, it's time to spend more time thinking about its human ones"

Everyone gangsta until youtube turns on ads for all videos.
P.S. You dont get the 40% cut unless you have 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.

YouTube’s right to monetize: #YouTube has the right to #monetize all content on the platform and #ads may appear on videos from channels not in the YouTube Partner Program

#ublockorigin #odysee #peertube