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ApiTrade is Revolutionary Automated Crypto Currency Trading Platform.
It performs thousands of profitable trades for you on crypto exchanges automatically.
Makes money while you sleep!
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ApiTrade.pro is Revolutionary Automated Crypto Currency Trading Platform.
It performs thousands of profitable trades for you on crypto exchanges automatically.
Makes money while you sleep!

The project was launched 1.5 months ago and now has 5000 users and the number of users is growing at the rate of 5% daily.

The first full month of work has passed since the launch of Apitrade.pro service (April). The service is becoming really popular, the number of users is now about 10 000 and is growing by 5-10% per day. It's even higher growth rate than we expected and we are solving scalability problems. We are thinking of temporarily limiting the registration of new users, leaving registration only by invites from existing users.

What are we planning to do in May:
1) Improvement of the "Waves" algorithm. Now there are days when the market is red, at this time, transactions are rare, the service mostly buys and rarely sells, and users see small percentages per annum (also while buying altcoins the virtual balance in exchange may decline and some of new users panic). We came up with how to solve this problem - the coins bought by the "Waves" algorithm and not yet sold with profit due to the fact that they have become slightly cheaper will be used for arbitrage ("chains" algorithm), thus the number of these coins will grow rapidly even when their price falls . At the moment, the algorithm "Chains" is on maintenance, we recommend to use "Waves" algorithm.

2) Running the algorithm "Tsunami", designed to catch "pumps" (sudden rise in the volume of purchases and prices) of coins. The algorithm is ready, but the price of an error is very high, because to obtain substantial profits, you need to use a substantial part of the deposit. It is very important to minimize the number of false positives. Now we do backtesting so the algorithm learns on historical data how to distinguish real pumps from false ones when there is a sharp increase of volume of purchases, but the price immediately falls. In the coming days, users who actively participate in the development of the system will get access.

3) Connect new exchanges. Currently, work is underway to connect such exchanges as Kraken, Cryptopia, Bittrex, then Poloniex, Bibox, Bitfinex.

We thank all users for their support!
Why So Few Trades Lately? Market Phases.

There are 5 phases of crypto market and they rotate many times a month. Since the service public launch back in March there were over 10 such rotations already.
Longtime users of the service treat newcomers with a smile as we see them panicking due to a single week decline. The phases are:

1) Bitcoin exchange rate grows, alt coins grow faster. Automated trades are closed every minute, profits read off scale. The robot makes thousands to dozens of thousands percent of annualised profit. Last time we had such phase in the end of April.

2) Bitcoin exchange rate increases sharply, alt coins are aghast and drop. Automated trades are closed rarely, the robot is mostly buying low and your exchange balance BTC equivalent decreases. Last time we had this phase a few days ago.

3) Bitcoin exchange rate decreases, alt coins drop rapidly in panic. This is rather frequent case and happens few times a month. In fact, this is what is happening today. There are almost no automated trades closed, the bot is actively buying low as the only way for a bot to grow your Bitcoin deposit is by buying alt coins low and selling high later. Other option for a bot is to exchange Bitcoin to USD (so-called “shorting”), the service does it too, but it’s a dangerous road – the market can reverse at any moment and switch to phase 1 or phase 2 rapidly, in such a case the USDT would get stuck on your deposit till the next drop.

4) Bitcoin exchange rate decreases, but alt coins decrease pace is lower. This case is rare but possible. The robot runs very fast, making hundreds and sometimes thousands percents of annualised profit, depending on the decrease pace.

5) Bitcoin and altcoins are in a relative balance and their markets’ directions are synchronised. The service works well, generating stable profits in a hundreds percent annualised range. Trades are not as frequent as in previous explosive phases.

Crypto market is extremely volatile hence the market phases rotate several times a month, going back and forth between depression and euphoria.

At this very moment you might not see the profitability you expected, it just means you should estimate it in the long run rather than within one or two phases. During the last week the crypto market went from 2nd to 3rd phase so it won’t take long for the market to once again become favorable to automated trading.
Binance technical maintenance

Binance has technical maintenance today. We turned off the system for Binance to avoid glitches. Don’t log in at Binance at this time. See page https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000202591-Latest-News for latest updates.
Errors in Kucoin and OKEx exchanges

Some users who use the Kucoin and Okex could have noticed problems in their work recently. The Kucoin exchange has disabled the trade function for API keys, you need to log in to your Kucoin account and enable the trade function, not switching on the withdrawal function. The OKEx Exchange lately gives sometimes incorrect information about the zero remains of coins on the API, which leads to various errors, in particular, to the fact that this exchange is not displayed on the dashboard. In this case, you can click the "update balance" button when pausing the exchange or create new API keys.
The Binance Exchange is preparing to resume trading, all users need to create new API keys.

After creating new API keys on the exchange, you need to enter the "Exchanges" section in the Apitrade interface, click the "change" button near the existing Binance exchange, enter new keys instead of the old ones, and click the "Save" button. The system will continue the current transactions. If you will not create API keys in the next few days (usually 3 days, but now we'll extend this period), the system will decide that you have removed the API keys, and the old transactions will be "accidentally" closed without actual sale. Therefore, we recommend that you create new keys promptly.

There were no complaints from Binance users so far that someone has lost btc (which is good for the market), so we can assume that some major "whale" (probably a manipulator) has suffered. According to our estimates, as a result of manipulation with SYS, he could lose about 13000 btc.

Important: create the keys and confirm their creation by email on PC (in the mobile version this function does not work in Binance).
Bonus from panic-selling Tornados is now 100% after 45 days after opening of the trade, like in the “Waves” algo.
"WAVES" have become smarter.

New deals, as well as averaging and additional purchases in the "Waves" algo are now open only if a combination of various technical indicators (bollinger, rsi, cci, hma, macd, etc.) takes place, at moments of local minima, when the probability of rebound is the highest. Also the "stop-losses» are now available (not recommended), which completes the transaction forcibly, without waiting for large drawdowns, and the "maximum profit" option, which automatically completes the deal when the specified profit is reached (by default 10%), without waiting for the price to start falling.
"TSUNAMI" is open to all.

The algorithm, which is designed to "catch" sharp surges in purchases and prices ("pumps"), is open to all users. You can set up "stop loss", as well as averaging in case the price goes in the opposite direction. We also recommend setting up a list of coins that can be purchased using this algorithm, in order to avoid buying «shit-coins» you are not ready to hold. This algorithm is recommended to run only on days when the market is green, for the red market we recommend to use "Tornado" and "Calm" algos.
What's new in Apitrade?

1. BITMEX. We have launched the most advanced Bitmex terminal and "Follow the Master" algorithm. On average, our top traders participating in our Competition apitrade.pro/challenge have increased their bitmex deposits in March by 30-60% in BTC. ApiTrade Users (over 25,000 at the moment) may be automatically mirror-copying trades of the best performing traders. You can diversify risks by connecting multiple exchange accounts and choosing different traders. In the near future, the same terminal and mirror-copying of the best traders will be available also for Binance exchange (in development).

2. "WAVES" have become smarter. New trades, as well as averaging and additional purchases in the "Waves" algo are now opened only if a combination of various technical indicators (bollinger, rsi, cci, hma, macd, etc.) takes place, at moments of local minima, when the probability of rebound is the highest. Also the new "maximum profit" option automatically completes the deal when the specified profit is reached, without waiting for the price to start falling. And the "Manual average" button helps to complete any "wave" with profit. The system whitelist of coins (on the right of apitrade dashboard) now always consists of the most recently growing coins.
Just one day, March 31, 2019: $100 bonus giveaway to our users!

Traditionally on March 31 we distribute $100 of bonuses to our users. To get the bonus to your apitrade balance, you need to write a support ticket today. There is only one condition to receive a bonus: Bitmex exchange must be connected to Apitrade with the total deposit of 0.1 btc and any master from the apitrade.pro/challenge list or the "Apitrade team" system master must be connected to it.

By the way, on average, top traders, participating in our competition, managed to increase their deposits in Bitmex in March by 30-60%. Connection of mirror-copying function is free.
The results of our Competition will be announced on April 2, after the results of all March trades (including old H19 contracts) are loaded from Bitmex. For transparency, screenshots from Bitmex history will be published and read-only api-keys may be provided everyone on request via a ticket for verification (since not all users believe that it is possible to make 30-60% per month using Apitrade Bitmex terminal).
For Kucoin exchange users

We have completed the integration of Kucoin Api2.0. To resume trades and complete the old "Waves" (some of them may close with high profit), please go to the exchange and get new Api-keys, as well as Api password. After that, click "change" on the Apitrade "Exchanges" page near the previously added Kucoin exchange. You can also add a new Kucoin exchange.
New features in Apitrade.pro

1. We continue to improve our terminal- bot for Bitmex (which is completely free of charge).

Now it is possible to open trades not only using different technical indicators, but also using Tradingview personal signals. In addition, we added an option to enable break-even stop-loss or dynamic trailing with a time-out from the moment of opening a position (because after opening a position the price often fluctuates for some time). By the way, in the near future there will be tabs in the terminal where a trader will be able to choose other exchanges (not only Bitmex), with the same option of mirror-copying trades.

2. We don't forget about our main algorithm - “Waves” for Binance exchange. After many requests from our users, we added an option to turn on "limit orders" in "Waves" settings. The limit order used to close the trade with profit will be set at the level of the maximum profit you specified (or system default maximum profit, now 1.5%, but at the green market 10%), trailing also works at the same time. You can also turn on "limit orders" for DCA. "Buy" Limit orders will be placed twice as far as market orders would be placed by default. These settings are turned off by default in "Waves", but they can be turned on manually.

3. The "Tornado" algorithm has been showing very good results for the last month due to the fact that altcoins are now exchanged only into BNB or ETH.
Urgent: Create new API-keys in Binance

Binance Exchange decided to remove all previously created API keys for security reasons. Please create new API keys in exchange and update them in Apitrade (without adding a new exchange)

1. On the Binance website, create new keys here: https://www.binance.com/userCenter/createApi.html
2. In Apitrade go to the "My exchanges" section https://apitrade.pro/exchanges
3. Next to the previously added Binance exchange there is a "Edit" button, click it and enter a new API key instead of the old one and save the changes.
If you do not do this or add new API keys as a new exchange, the old trades will be canceled.

Be sure to use 2FA authorization on the exchange and in Apitrade (in Apitrade you can also add authorization via Telegram) for security purposes. Never share your API keys with anyone, even employees of the exchange or service.

You can contact support:
via tickets https://apitrade.pro/support/tickets
via telegram-bot @ApiTrade_Support_Bot
Automatic Panic sell old "Waves"

Starting from June 20, 2019, the system will automatically close "waves" opened more than a year ago, with a 100% bonus to the balance of the service, with an exception: if a tornado is opened with this coin. From our experience we can tell that restoring a balance in BTC by opening new trades is much faster than waiting for the recovery of the price of a certain coin, which can be delisted by the exchange any time. The system now buys only top coins by capitalization (ETH, EOS, ETC, DASH, BAT, BCH, XRP, ADA, LTC, XLM, TRX, XMR, BNB) and only when their price rises. To prevent the system from forcibly completing an old transaction on a certain coin, you can create a limit order to sell this coin directly on the exchange or delete API keys on the exchange or just write a ticket to support and we will switch off this option for your account.

We would like to remind all users that currently the fastest way to increase the Bitcoin deposit, when bitcoin price grows faster than any other coin, is trading with leverage in Bitmex exchange. (Connection to trade-mirroring is free). For example, if you connected on May 1, 2019 with a deposit of 1 BTC to the master Oledje (long), on June 10, 2019 your deposit would be about 2.2 BTC and the deposit continues to grow daily thanks to the automatic trading of the bot according to the Master's strategy (see the results of different Masters on https://apitrade.pro/challenge). Screenshots of balance changes: http://prntscr.com/o28hgu http://prntscr.com/o28hrb
An online experiment to show the improved bot's performance

At the request of our users, in order to achieve maximum transparency, we decided to publicly show how the Apitrade.pro bot works with the default settings after all the latest improvements.
We created 3 accounts in Binance and launched only "Waves" algorithm with default settings.
On the first account we deposited 0.1 btc on May 20, 2020. This bot will increase the bitcoin value of the deposit. Default settings: https://prnt.sc/srdo9s
On the second account we deposited 1000 BUSD on May 22, 2020. This bot will increase the USD value of the deposit. Default settings: https://prnt.sc/srdm51
On the third account we deposited 0.1 btc on May 31, 2020 and turned off averaging (DCA). This bot will increase the bitcoin value of the deposit. Settings: https://prnt.sc/srdp7x

We will regularly publish on this channel the dynamics of changes in deposits and trades that the bots make, regardless of the results. In the case of an extremely unfavorable market, if necessary, we can add the same deposit (0.1 btc) to manually average very old transactions (all actions will be described on the channel). Anyone who wants to check if the descibed perfomance is true can be given read-only API keys (via a ticket).
BTC bot 10 day results.

Here are the results of the experimental BTC bot with standard settings for 10 days on a fully automatic mode:
The growth of real btc balance on the exchange for 10 days amounted to about 6%. 72% of deposit is in BTC.
Screenshot from Binance exchange: https://prnt.sc/srz7sq
List of all 59 trades performed by the bot in 10 days: https://prnt.sc/srz8v5 https://prnt.sc/srz96o https://prnt.sc/srz9g0 https://prnt.sc/srz9wc
Settings are default: https://prnt.sc/srdo9s
As we can see, the main profit goes from the trades of the new squeeze bot.

We have been working on this algorithm for the last year and achieved the expected results. We will continue to monitor the operation of the bot in a fully automatic mode in different market conditions. The current market situation is excellent for the squeeze bot.