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3%+ in 1 day - today's result of the BTC bot

Today the BTC-bot made a decent number of profitable trades (mainly, of course, squeezes), and was able to increase the real btc deposit on the binance exchange by 3%+.
Screenshots of today's transactions: https://prnt.sc/ssmc68
Balance Chart: https://prnt.sc/ssmbc0
Screenshot of balance from Binance exchange: https://prnt.sc/ssm9x1

Squeeze bot seems to be created for the current volatile market.
Another 3% in one day! Volatility is back.

After a period of weak volatility, the market gave us another good day to trade, during which a large number of squeezes opened and closed. The new (third) bot on custom settings (higher risk and using the entire deposit for squeezes, without averaging) could earn about 3% per day using squeezes: https://prnt.sc/t0frkk Settings for this bot: https://prnt.sc/t0frvq

The BTC bot earned about 1% of the deposit over this day: https://prnt.sc/t0fskn with a dozen of squeezes: https://prnt.sc/t0fswp

The BUSD-bot earned about 0.5% of the deposit per day on squeezes: https://prnt.sc/t0fv02
This bot is now showing weaker results due to the recent fall of all coins against the dollar, some transactions in this bot are in drawdown, which, however, is less than half of the profit from trades of this bot. We decided to disable the opening of Waves in this bot except for squeezes, because the test deposit in BUSD is too small (1000 BUSD allows to open only a few simultaneous transactions) and the squeezes bring more profit. New BUSD bot settings: https://prnt.sc/t0fw5r

Results for the first month of the experiment will be announced in a week.

At the request of users, we have extended until June 20, 2020 the Promotion, which allows users to get a 100% bonus. See terms at https://apitrade.pro/dashboard
Some bot results: Maximum 3% in 1 day and 13.6% in 40 days in BTC

The third bot on custom settings (higher risk and using the entire deposit for squeezes, without averaging) have earned about 3% today in 1 day using squeezes:
Settings for this bot: https://prnt.sc/t0frvq

The BUSD-bot did not make any profit or loss in USD yet (because of the recent btc dump) but the BTC value of the deposit increased.

The results for the most popular BTC-bot with default settings since May, 20: https://prnt.sc/t8j5tu
The bot managed to increase the real BTC-value of the deposit from 0.1 btc to 0.1136 btc (+13.6%)

All bots trade in a fully automatic mode.

We have extended until July 1, 2020 the promo, which allows users to get a 100% bonus. See terms at https://apitrade.pro/dashboard
Fourth experimental bot: ETH bot

Many users want to increase not BTC, but Ether deposit, because they believe in Etherium. Therefore, today we launch the fourth experimental bot, which will increase the deposit in Ether with a 5 ETH deposit (screenshot of the balance with Binance: https://prnt.sc/ta82qt) and settings similar to the settings of the third experimental BTC bot (only squeeze-bot, without averaging): https://prnt.sc/ta822f
Transactions will not occur every day, but only if squeezes occur at times of high volatility.


Only 2 days (July 30-31) in honor of the upcoming public launch of the Digex.io exchange, which we have been developing for the last 2 years and is now in public beta-test, Apitrade is holding a promotion:

When replenishing Apitrade.pro account during this promo, you will receive a BONUS in the amount of 200% of the replenishment amount (this means that Apitrade service fee will only be 16% for you) and you will also get DIGEX tokens in the amount of your payment. You will become the honorary first holder of DIGEX tokens!

You will be able to spend these tokens on the exchange's withdrawal fee, or put them on staking (up to 0.5% per day for the first holders), sell them on the exchange itself or on third-party exchanges where the token will be listed (the funds raised will be paid for listing on exchanges). Next week, it is planned to list the DIGEX token on the first third-party exchange - Mercatox (an agreement has been signed), then it is planned to list on other exchanges, including Kucoin.

One of the features of the token is that it was issued in a very limited quantity and it is impossible to create more tokens under a smart contract (that is, there will be no inflation), and no seller will be able to create a limit sell order cheaper than the initial sale price (2 satoshi), so the dump of it's price is technically impossible, and if the Digex.io exchange succeeds, the growth potential is x100+. You can read more about the token and its economic model in the FAQ on the main page of Digex.io
Forwarded from Digex Official Channel
Digex Mainnet Public Launch (beta) August, 5, 2020

After several weeks of public test by hundreds of our users, today we opened access to the mainnet of the Digex.io derivatives exchange. Now the exchange can be replenished with real bitcoin. We recommend that you first trade with a small amount and with a minimum leverage.

Do not forget that trading carries not only profits, but also risks.
You will definitely see that it is much easier to make money in Digex than in other exchanges.

You can view the mainnet interface without signing up by clicking on the "DEMO" button on digex.io

Also, a test version ("sandbox") of the exchange is available at testnet.digex.io (does not require replenishment, sign up is separate), where users automatically get 10 virtual bitcoins.

In the FAQ section on the main page, we tried to answer all possible questions. The FAQ is constantly updated.

You can discuss the exchange in the telegram chat: @digexio

You can contact the exchange support through tickets or via the @DigexSupportBot telegram bot.

All users who in the coming week will take an active part in the discussion in our @digexio chat and trade on the mainnet every day will be generously rewarded with 100 000 of DIGEX tokens. This is a one-time promotion, because a very limited number of DIGEX tokens have been issued and we will not be able to issue additional tokens, so hurry up to take advantage and help us create initial activity in the chat. In a year, these tokens may well be worth 100x-200x of the initial price of 1-2 satoshi. The first listing of the token on a third-party exchange will be in a couple of days on the Mercatox exchange.

Also, starting today, we are launching an active advertising campaign and announcing a competition with a prize pool of 10 bitcoins for our affiliates.
Results of the Apitrade squeeze-bots during the 2.5-months experiment?
+ 31.2% to the USD deposit and + 20% to BTC!

In recent days and months, the market has been very favorable for our new squeeze bot algorithm, which we have been improving over the past year.

The intermediate results of squeeze bots with default settings are as follows:

BUSD bot in two and a half months was able to increase the usd deposit by 31.2%: https://prnt.sc/tz9f2p
In the last 3 days, bitcoin price fell by $600, but the BUSD bot did not make any drawdown, and even closed many squeezes with a profit. Recent BUSD squeeze bot deals: https://prnt.sc/tz9fuw

BTC bot increased its bitcoin deposit by 20% over the same period: https://prnt.sc/tz9g7u
It performed especially well in recent days, when bitcoin had a correction and altcoins were very volatile. Last trades of the bot: https://prnt.sc/tz9gqj

All results are confirmed by API keys and received in a fully automatic mode without manual completion of transactions (as can be seen in the screenshots).

Bots without averaging (high risk) have not yet been able to increase the deposit due to the delisting that occurred on the exchange in the middle of the experiment, and are at the same level. We plan to disable them due to lower profitability than bots with standard settings in about a month and will publish a detailed analysis with screenshots of transactions. Perhaps during the next month they will significantly improve the situation, but the risks are still too high for such small deposits, because they are enough for only 3 simultaneous squeezes.

Due to the high efficiency of our squeeze bots with default settings in the current market, the demand for the Apitrade service is growing steadily. The users in our telegram chat have been happy with the bot's trading in recent months.

We offer a limited time promotion: + 100% bonus on Apitrade replenishment.
Long-term effectiveness of the Apitrade.pro squeeze bot

During 3 months of our experiment on default settings, the BTC bot was able to increase the deposit by 22% in BTC, and the BUSD bot by 35% in dollars. These are very good results, but it's only 3 months of trading.

It's worth looking at the results for a longer period of trading, after the squeeze bot algorithm has been launched and tested. During this period, the market was different, including the Bitcoin collapse to $3,600 on March, 13.
We found a user account (ID 31742, user from Germany), who put 0.68 btc (mostly btc, and some eth) on the Binance exchange exactly 8 months ago and launched the squeeze-bot with default settings. The results are impressive: for 8 months, almost X2 (100% profit) in BTC https://prntscr.com/u1amnd and more than X3 in dollars: https://prnt.sc/u1amen from $4600 to $15900. Latest trades: https://prnt.sc/u1an5b
Balances are automatically loaded using API keys from the Binance exchange.

Important: the results depend very much on the start time, for example, if the start was on March 13, 2020, then the results would be much higher, and if in mid-February 2020, then the growth of the deposit would be only 30%. If the user started in May 2018, before the launch of the squeeze bot and before the tenfold collapse of the altcoin market to its current normal state, then, of course, the user's balance would still be in a drawdown, as, indeed, in case of altcoins manual trading or using any bot in the market.

Conclusion: our new squeeze-bot algorithm works and works efficiently, and not only in the current phase of the market. This algorithm, which we have constantly continued to improve in 2020, has been especially effective in recent months, as shown by our online experiment.

PROMO: + 100% bonus limited time promotion on Apitrade replenishment is still valid, hurry up to take advantage. You can chat with bot users in our @spacearbitrage_eng chat
Forwarded from Digex Official Channel
New listing of DIGEX token - a quick opportunity to earn 50-100% + profit

Listing of DIGEX-token on VinDAX exchange is expected tomorrow. VinDAX is an exchange with a turnover of about $ 1 billion per day (statistics on CoinMarketCap).

A total of 50 million DIGEX tokens will be offered for sale at the price of 2 satoshi (the funds will go to the listing of the token on new exchanges and to the marketing campaign which is now starting). This is cheaper than the current market price at which buyers are currently buying the token, so you have the opportunity to quickly earn 50-100% profit, or wait longer for possible x10-x100 (after the exchange will have several thousand of active traders and the token will be listed on several dozen exchanges). You cannot place a limit sell order below the buy price (because of the buy wall from the exchange), which protects the purchase from a dump.

You can also withdraw the token from the exchange to your ETH wallet and then put it on staking from there.

Due to the small number of tokens put up for sale, it is likely that not everyone will be able to buy tokens (but most, probably, will). To participate, you need to register on VinDAX and make a deposit. As soon as the listing takes place, we will post a link to the DIGEX-BTC section on the VinDAX exchange.
Forwarded from Digex Official Channel
DIGEX listing on 3 new exchanges

Our project continues to develop rapidly.
Today, the DIGEX token is listed on three exchanges at once, which have good ratings on CoinMarketCap:

Due to the fact that many users were unhappy that they did not have time to purchase tokens on Catex listing yesterday (tokens have been sold out in a matter of minutes, and then the price rose), we created more comfortable conditions for users: there are 3 exchanges to choose from and more tokens in total, tokens will be sold for 24 hours, after which the sell orders will be canceled (if not filled).

Before depositing BTC on a specific exchange, make sure that the exchange has the required number of tokens at the desired price.
Each exchange offers only 20 million tokens at the price of 4 satoshi.
The next listing is expected in a week at a higher price.
We do not recommend to sell tokens 1-2 satoshi higher, because as we can see, many users buy tokens at a higher price than they sold several days ago. On the Digex exchange itself, the demand for tokens significantly exceeds supply, since they are also used to pay commission for withdrawals (and withdrawals number grows as the number of users using the exchange).

You can withdraw tokens from a third-party exchange to your ETH wallet and stake them with a current yield of 0.5% per day.

You can ask questions in the chat of the exchange @digexio
APITOKEN: official announcement

All Apitrade bonuses are automatically converted to APITOKENs.

You can read more about APITOKENs and conditions here: https://telegra.ph/APITOKEN---native-token-of-the-APITRADEPRO-service-evolution-of-bonuses-09-10

A new section has appeared in the Apitrade.pro interface https://apitrade.pro/finances/withdrawtokens where it is possible at the request of the user (if the user has 2FA authorization enabled) to:

1) Withdraw APITOKEN for sale in the Digex exchange
2) Withdraw APITOKEN to your ETH wallet
3) Exchange for DIGEX-tokens

The opening of trading in the API-BTC trading pair on the Digex exchange will take place in about a week, which will be announced later. Very high volatility is expected and a great opportunity to make money. Later, API-BTC trading will be opened on third-party exchanges.

Important: we recommend that you replenish your account with Apitrade.pro as soon as possible, otherwise the balance in Apitrade can become negative and new trades will not be opened by the squeeze bot

Current 3-month perfomance of the BTC-bot with system default settings: https://prnt.sc/uf1f6f
Forwarded from Digex Official Channel
First listing of DIGEX token on one of top exchanges. A new opportunity to earn 50-100%+ profit.

Today, on September 18, 2020, the DIGEX token is listed on the Probit exchange, where till the end of the day you can place a limit buy order at a price of only 5 Satoshi (which is on average 50-70% cheaper than price on other exchanges). This is the eighth listing of the DIGEX token (a total of 30-40 listings are planned by the end of this year). With each new listing, the price of the token rises.

DIGEX token is a token of a new, in many ways revolutionary, derivatives exchange Digex.io, which offers commission-free trading, built-in bots, auto-follow, 1-click trades, decentralized staking and other unique opportunities. Digex developers are the creators of the well-known automated trading service Apitrade.pro, which has been operating since 2018 and has more than 45,000 users. The exchange is already working, in the telegram group @digexchat you can ask any questions.

To support the price of the token, a large buy wall will be created from the exchange at the price of 5 satoshi immediately after listing. Thus, token buyers will be confident that the price of the token will rise.

Purchased DIGEX tokens can be withdrawn to your ETH wallet and staked on a smart contract with a yield of 0.5% per day (in the future, this percentage will decrease monthly for two years).
ApiTrade.pro official channel pinned «First listing of DIGEX token on one of top exchanges. A new opportunity to earn 50-100%+ profit. Today, on September 18, 2020, the DIGEX token is listed on the Probit exchange, where till the end of the day you can place a limit buy order at a price of only…»
Forwarded from Digex Official Channel
Digex.io news: long-awaited options, liquidity growth, new listing

1) Long-awaited option on Digex.io: now you can launch built-in bots with system default settings with 1 click. When you hover you mouse over the order book, you can see the "Default Long Bot" and "Default Short Bot" buttons: https://prnt.sc/uv3t7w

This option is free of charge and without commission. Bots place orders every second.

When you click on each button, two bots are launched at once, one is a high-frequency bot capable of making a large number of transactions with a minimum profit, with a stop loss of 0.01%. The second is a squeeze bot with averaging, designed for a longer period.

For each bot created, the values ​​of the settings for opening orders are slightly different, so users will not have the same bots. You can track profit of each bot in the column "Profit 24h" (the profit of every bot per day) and, if you wish, slightly change the parameters, for example, you can change the take profit or stop loss from 0.01% to 0.02% and see how this will affect the daily profit. Not every bot should make a profit strictly every day, but if a bot makes a loss for many days in a row, then it is worth stopping it or adjusting the settings.

You can launch several bots with this button and allocate to each, for example, 10% of the deposit (unless, of course, your deposit is very small), but it is better to launch them on different days, when the previously launched bot is in the process of a transaction, and with different parameters.

We do not recommend using leverage above 10x. With a 125x leverage, the profit can be very high, but there is also a high probability that the part of the deposit allocated to the bot will be liquidated in case index price dumps or pumps instantly. With 1x leverage, for example, liquidation is generally impossible for a short bot, that is, the risks are minimal. We expect that the turnover of the exchange and liquidity in connection with the launch of this option will increase by orders of magnitude, and this is already happening.

You can enable both the long and short bot at the same time, but you can, for example, disable the short bot if you are sure that the market will be in the green zone, or, conversely, disable the long bot if you are sure that the market will fall. The results of each bot are highly dependent on market direction and volatility.

2) A new listing of the DIGEX token on the popular Coinsbit exchange is scheduled for October 8. Coinsbit is a large exchange, one of the top 20 in terms of popularity and turnover, with more than 135 000 users in the exchange telegram channel. As before, the price of the DIGEX token increases with each listing. A total of 30+ listings are planned in the coming months. By the way, after the previous listing on the Probit exchange, at one moment there was a pump by 7000+%.

To support the price of the token, we will create a large buy wall immediately after listing, as well as offer a very small number of tokens for sale - only limited to 2 btc total. At the next listing we will offer even fewer tokens at a higher price.

The listing is supported by a wide advertising campaign in popular telegram channels, as well as by a trader competition on the Coinsbit exchange (prizes will be received by users with the highest DIGEX token trading volume) and staking on the Coinsbit exchange (staking via smart-contract is also possible).
Bitcoin lost $10K in one day. But Apitrade.pro BUSD and BTC squeeze-bots show record profits!

The market experienced record volatility on January, 11, 2021. Apitrade's recently improved squeeze-bots have done a very good job. Here are results of our BUSD and BTC-bots with default settings (launched since May, 2020):

BUSD bot: despite a 20-25% drop in market capitalization, the bot was able to increase the dollar deposit by 4.3% per day: https://prnt.sc/wleo4i
Since May, the deposit on the Binance exchange in dollars has increased from 1000 to about 1800 dollars.
Last squeeze bot trades (including pending trades):
https://prnt.sc/wldji8 https://prnt.sc/wldjvv https://prnt.sc/wldk5p
Pay attention to the average duration of squeeze bot trades. Settings: https://prnt.sc/wllpmh

BTC bot: Increased BTC deposit by 2.5% per day: https://prnt.sc/wldfxt
USD deposit dynamics chart: https://prnt.sc/wld0pq
The BTC deposit has increased from 0.1 to about 0.118 BTC since May.
The dollar deposit increased from $ 1,000 to about $4,000 from May (mainly due to the growth of bitcoin, but the bot was able to increase the amount of bitcoin, although during the bitcoin pump it was extremely difficult). The last bot trades for today (including pending trades):
https://prnt.sc/wldhsn https://prnt.sc/wldi2x https://prnt.sc/wldicz
Settings: https://prnt.sc/wllr7s

You can ask any questions about bots in our chat @spacearbitrage_eng

If you have a deposit in USDT, do not forget to exchange it in the coming days for BUSD or EUR in order to reduce risks (!)
Current Apitrade.pro squeeze-bot results + Promotion

Yesterday, Elon Musk mentioned Bitcoin on his Twitter, which resulted in a rapid pump of $6K Bitcoin pump. Apitrade.pro squeeze bots as usually took advantage of this situation to increase btc and usd deposits of Apitrade users. Now BTC has already had a price correction, but thanks to squeeze bots, deposits of our users have grown in both dollars and bitcoins.

BTC-bot: the BTC bot managed to increase the deposit in BTC by 30% or 450% in USD:
Balance in USD: https://prnt.sc/xvy5hd
Balance in BTC: https://prnt.sc/xvxzjs
Last trades: https://prnt.sc/xvy3r3
Settings: https://prnt.sc/wllr7s

BUSD-bot: BUSD-bot in recent days has increased its deposit to 1962 BUSD (initial deposit 1000 BUSD): https://prnt.sc/xvbrd1
Squeeze bot last trades: https://prnt.sc/xvc7kh
Settings: https://prnt.sc/wllpmh

At the moment we are working on further improvements of the squeeze bot - perhaps the most efficient algorithm on the market. Two improvements will be added in the near future: 1) moving limit orders higher if they are not filled for a long time; 2) take profits will be set for different coins in accordance with the strength of the squeeze (now the profit is the same).

Promotion: When you fund your Apitrade.pro account on January 31, 2021, you will automatically receive a 100% bonus in the form of API tokens. Thus, the commission for you for the work of the squeeze bot will be halved to 25% of the profit.

By the way, we have automated the withdrawal of API tokens from Apitrade to our Digex.io exchange (where they can be sold or staked at 1% per day), now it happens instantly.
The "Main coin" algorithm update

If you do not have the main coin selected (this can be seen in the "Algorithms" section (below) or in the "Coins" section), then it will be set as BUSD by default. All coins not blocked in trades will be automatically exchanged for BUSD. If you are increasing BTC deposit, then make sure you have the main BTC coin selected.

Why is this needed: sometimes (very rarely), due to errors in the exchange API or its unavailability, free coins from pending transactions appear on the balance sheet, which can be seen in the "Coins" section (% use 0%). In order for the entire deposit to be used for trades by the bot, you need to exchange these coins for the main coin. This could be done manually in the "Coins" section by selecting all free coins and exchanging them for the main coin.
Apitrade.pro squeeze bot results for the last month: up to 240% in 1 month!

In February 2021 the market was very favorable for Apitrade squeeze bots, the volatility is growing. We expect volatility to increase even more in March.

BUSD squeeze bot was able to increase the dollar deposit in February by 50% from $1938 to $2874 BUSD (initial deposit was $1000): https://prnt.sc/108u48t
Last BUSD squeeze bot trades: https://prnt.sc/108uoit https://prnt.sc/108uowj https://prnt.sc/108upbb https://prnt.sc/108upos

The BTC squeeze bot was able to increase the BTC deposit in a month by 60% from 0.1225 to 0.195 BTC: https://prnt.sc/108t58v or 2.4 times (240%) in dollars from $3825 to $9120
Last BTC squeeze bot trades: https://prnt.sc/108t61w https://prnt.sc/108t6st https://prnt.sc/108t77j

All results are proven with Binance API keys.

Recommended bot settings: https://prnt.sc/108t7mf

At the moment, Apitrade squeeze bot is perhaps the most profitable and safe algorithm for a declining market in spot trading without using leverage.
ApiTrade 3rd Anniversary PROMO on March 15

In honor of the third anniversary of the Apitrade service on March 15, 2021 there is a 100% bonus in API-tokens when replenishing the Apitrade.pro balance. That is, by replenishing your Apitrade account today, you will secure yourself a commission of only 25% from profit (instead of 50%).

Apitrade squeeze bot-results for February: + 50% in BUSD and + 60% in BTC (the detailed results and screenshots are published above in the @apitradepro channel)

You can discuss the work of the service and ask Apitrade admins your questions in our chat @spacearbitrage_eng
Planned maintenance

Dear users, within an hour, the Apitrade service will start moving to new, more powerful equipment, which is necessary, among other things, for the operation of the new high-frequency algorithm ("Hurricane"). The Apitrade service will be unavailable for approximately two hours.