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So, we were working on one of the number one mass-market automotive brands. It originates from Korea and has a worldwide presence.

Unfortunately happened to be a double work for us because suddenly they realised that they didn't brief us on about their brand guidelines. We had to change the whole course and it's right now under management review. Barely slept for 4 hours.

#PowerPoint #Keynote #presentation #ppt
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Hello there, please reach out for any PPT (PowerPoint) related work. Have worked with some top brands like Samsung, Honda, KIA, Lenovo, Adobe, Google and many more.

#PowerPoint #Keynote #presentation #ppt
Last year we did presentation for KIA NDC and this year we did it for its parent company Hyundai. One more addition to the brands we have served. Take a look at the presentation that we did in keynote for this 13 screen setup measuring a total of 80 feet. A seamless presentation for an immersive experience.
#PowerPoint #Keynote #presentation #ppt
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We worked for Coca-Cola event that happened in May this year. With so much of content changes constantly coming from them, it was tough but we did it. At the end, clients appreciated us so much for allowing last minute changes and making the event a success.
#PowerPoint #Keynote #presentation #ppt
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