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This group is for interacting with serious and valuable users of Duckchat Club.

We interact through polls and voting ✅️
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Can you spot the mystery duck on Duckchat?🐥🔍
Tomorrow's Sunday, and most of you will be using Duckchat all day.

🤫Let us give you a secret tip:
Duckchat calculates profile scores for every user.

The users who keep sending messages like m or f, male or female, and then skip, they have low profile score.
And users who talk genuinly and skip after few minutes have good profile score.

Users with good profile score and valuable activity are matched with other similar users, and low score users will never find good strangers. A lot of people sent us message that there are less people who talk for long or gender ratio is not so good, let us clear here if you are not matching with good strangers, either you are new user (talk with strangers genuinely and Duckchat algorithm will improve your score), or you are skipping everyone too fast and asking only gender.
Hello Amazing People!

This is a humble request to all android users to please go on play store and give us 5 🌟 rating. We really need good rating to get more users and good gender ratio.

We are running Duckchat with so many features, like photo-video sharing, audio-video calling and much more, and we are running every service for free of cost. We need your support now to make Duckchat famous and the most authentic friends making app. ❤️

Important Note: You have to install app first and then give rating. Along with rating, please write a message with it expressing your feedback and thoughts.
Don't put us in धर्म संकट now 🥹
"Adding Friends" feature is live 🚀

It took us a lot of hard work to launch this update. Now if you make someone your friend on Duckchat, you will be able to chat with them anytime.

If we get positive feedback on this feature, we will add calling feature for friends as well 📞

And special thing is we do not ask for your google email or phone number to use friends feature.

Everything is completely available with full privacy and free of cost. 🤗
Would you like to recieve notifications whenever your friend messages you on Duckchat App and you are offline?
Anonymous Poll
✅️ Yes, it will improve user experience.
❌️ No, it will be very distracting
As most users voted in the favor of receiving notifications, we have done it 🎊

If you are offline and your friend send you a message on Duckchat App, you will get the notifications. Enjoy making new friends!
This is first and last warning to all those users who are saying we don't match with females.

We are not running a dating app, it's a networking social app to make casual friendships. VIP Plan helps you improving your profile score because if you have good profile score with good behaviour with other people, then you will automatically matched with your preferred gender.

PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW ABOUT PROFILE SCORE:- Our algorithm keeps profile score for each user on our system to decide who should they talk to next, people with similar profile score range gets matched automatically. If you are new on duckchat, you have to talk with people first and tell algorithm that you are genuine user and not only looking for people of one specific gender.

If you only want females, go to other scam sites who charges you 1000 rupees and matches you with pre-recorded videos and bot users.

We only charge 49 at minimum, so that atleast we can keep our servers upgraded. We don't even show popups between screens, you only see purchase screen when you yourself click Buy VIP button, because we know, not everyone needs VIP plan, it is for serious users only who want extra credibility on platform and wants to support Duckchat.

We are working to create a better platform to meet new people and for that we will need only genuine, smart and valuable users who can keep giving us feedback time to time.

We respect our female users too and we will not spoil their experience by matching them with bad profile score users.

Duckchat VIPs pinned «This is first and last warning to all those users who are saying we don't match with females. We are not running a dating app, it's a networking social app to make casual friendships. VIP Plan helps you improving your profile score because if you have good…»
What kind of mobile do you have? (We may launch ios app if user demands for it🤷‍♀️)
Anonymous Poll
iOS Apple😊
How about we add streak🔥 in Duckchat like Snapchat or Duolingo? Larger the streak, better should be profile score🤔💡
Anonymous Poll
🔥 Yes, it will remind my friends to come online.
🥱 It's not really necessary
Hello Ducks,

Should we add feature where you can add email to your Duckchat profile through which you can backup your friends list and other data? This feature can be used as optional and it will not be compulsory for everyone to give email.

You can attach email only if you want to backup your Duckchat data😄

Note:- We will consider doing it only if we get 80%+ votes in favor
Feature for adding email so you can use same Duckchat account in other devices or by mistakenly if you delete App and want to retrieve your friendships
Anonymous Poll
Yes, add feature for backup with email
I don't need this
Should we ban users who send M or F type messages and skips immediately after knowing gender?
Anonymous Poll
Yes, it is so irritating.
No, I also send "m or f" type messages
Report option is coming soon. We don't want fraud users who spoil experience of our genuine users.

Thanks for sending this message and prompting us to launch this faster. 😇
We will soon add a new feature for our VIP users!

- Reducing search time to connect with strangers by 3 seconds - Call options with friends - Add/Upload custom profile pictures
Anonymous Poll
Yes, add these features 👌
Useful? 🤨