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What to write in the section "Work experience" if there is no experience.
If you do not have much experience, remember everything you have done in the last few years. Write everything down on paper. Mindmapping to help you. Courses, practice, part-time work in the summer, helping friends - remember everything you did and what results it brought. Emphasize experience relevant to the desired industry and useful for the desired position. Even if you did not have commercial experience, give examples of projects you have worked on, such as in the process of learning, for yourself or on a freelance basis. Still, avoid irrelevant work experience. For example, if you have taken massage courses, they are unlikely to help you get a job as a programmer.

In the section on work experience, write from the most recent place of work to the past. Enter the name of the position, company and period of your work there. Briefly and with theses, indicate the list of your responsibilities.

When creating a resume without work experience, give examples of projects you have worked on.
When creating a resume without work experience, remember all the lessons from the last few years and think about how to use this experience to your advantage.
At this stage of resume formation, you may have a question: "Is it possible to embellish your work experience", if it is very little or not at all? It is possible and necessary to decorate, to lie - it is not recommended. It happens that there is no experience in the office, but work experience and knowledge with the necessary functionality - high. If you got them through practice and want to vividly describe it in the resume, write the truth. But make sure that you can demonstrate knowledge just as clearly during the interview. Very often, interviews offer to perform a small test task to test your experience.