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#Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index at: 73 (Greed)
How #Bitcoin transactions will be like on PayPal. Smiling face with open mouth and tightly
Bitcoin will hit ATH this year and will make a new ATH in 2021. [UPDATE]

According to my 4-year cycle analysis:

1. Bitcoin will hit ATH by EOY
2. 35% correction (20k to 13k)
3. 120 days consolidation (Q1)
4. Parabolic move (1600% grow)
5. New ATH by the end of 2021
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🔹 General News:
South Korean telecom launches blockchain wallet for official documents

🔹 Coin Specific News:
Bitcoin rips higher to $13,000 on continued fiscal stimulus excitement
RAMP DEFI partners with TomoChain for stake farming
PLOTX to launch PLOT Head Beta Challenge on October 23
Polkadot has arrived on Bitfinex Staking Program
Human Protocol will have a primary listing on Bitfinex on October 28.
CoinList will offer Oasis Network farming from October 29.

🔹 Exchanges:
Binance will offer CertiK farming as of October 23
Kraken relaunches crypto trading in Japan as part of APAC expansion

🔹 Cool tech fact:
On average, one human consumes the energy equivalent of a 100-watt light bulb every day.

🔹 Quote of the day:
“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” – Maya Angelou

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In all of #Bitcoin's history, we've only been above 13K for 0.017% of $BTC's existence.

There is no stable demand up here. The majority of investors know this range is overpriced, and end up selling.

Also, each time its popped to this range, it has seen massive drawdowns.

- paxful.life
#Bitcoin Market Manipulation:

At every top, a handful of some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges temporarily go offline.

This ensures that traders can't open/close trades, and leaves them exposed to the correction that follows.

Due to the recent $BTC surge from $11,900 to over $13,000 during the Oct 21-22 $520M worth of shorts and longs have been liquidated on the leading derivatives exchanges
$152M on Binance
$125M on Huobi
$94M on Bybit
$77M on OKEx
$68M on BitMEX
$3.0M on Deribit
$2.8M on FTX
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🚩 S C A M Alert 🚩

Hello my dear friends, I wanted to post this from a long time

Bcoz I see a lot of Scam Projects are coming up with the name of DeFi and NFT

I have researched on many of them and came to know most of them r going to scam after looting u

See these projects will never come for trading in any exchange. And they will run away with your money ultimately..

So, what I am trying to say is
Don't invest blindly in any new projects

U need to research on the project first, what they do, what's their founders/ co-founders do, their past works etc. This will clearly tell u..

After all its your hard earned money. Don't lose it. 🤟