Download Manager, New Attachment Menu, Live Streaming With Other Apps and More

Download Manager, New Attachment Menu, Live Streaming With Other Apps and More

Today's update brings tools to help you control your downloads, swiftly share documents, re-arrange media albums before sending, turn your channel into a TV station, and more.

Download Manager

Telegram users can send files of any type up to 2 GB each and access them from any device – with unlimited cloud storage. While files are actively downloading, a new icon will now appear in the Search bar.

Tap the icon or go to the 'Downloads' tab in Search to view and manage them – pause and resume all downloads or individual items, and select one to increase its priority or view it in chat.

New Attachment Menu

When sending multiple photos or videos, tap '… selected' at the top of the panel to preview how the album will look in the chat when it’s sent – and rearrange or remove selected media.

On iOS, the Attach attachment menu has been fully redesigned to catch up with the Android app. The in-app camera option is now beautifully integrated into the gallery and a new navigation bar gives quick access to photos, files, location sharing and more.

The updated Files tab shows recently sent files and lets you search for them by name.

Semi-Transparent Interface on Android

In Night Mode, panels and headers have a subtle transparency effect – letting chat backgrounds, stickers and media shine through as you scroll.

We haven't seen effects like this used in any other Android app. This update brings more of the best visual technologies in the world from other platforms to Android.

iOS users have been enjoying semi-transparent headers and footers on Telegram since June 2021.

Redesigned Login Flow

On Android and macOS, the way you log in has been refined with smooth new animations. On Android, watch as the digits from your login code slide into place.

On Telegram for macOS, watch the Matrix code fall in the QR Code login screen. Follow the white duck, Neo.

Telegram apps allow users to be logged in on several accounts simultaneously – with different phone numbers.

Phone Number Links

Anyone can create a unique @username from the Settings page – giving others an easy way to contact you via Search or your link without sharing your phone number.

This update also allows you to share a direct link to your phone number that instantly opens a chat with you.

Phone Number Links

The format for these links is, with the full phone number in international format.

Naturally, the link will only work if your privacy settings let others find you by your phone number.

Live Streaming With Other Apps

Groups and Channels support live video broadcasts with unlimited viewers. We noticed that professional bloggers and journalists are increasingly using Telegram live streams to reach their subscribers.

With this update, you can broadcast from streaming tools like OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster – to add overlays and multi-screen layouts with ease, turning any Telegram channel into a professional TV Station.

To stream from these tools, start a new Video Chat in your group or a new Live Stream in your channel, tap the 'Start With' button and enter the information found there into your streaming tool.

For better quality, we recommend using software encoding (x264 in OBS).

Your viewers will need to update their apps to the latest version to watch your stream.

New Pages

With links like, anyone can preview profiles, posts or entire public channels in their browser – even if they haven’t signed up for Telegram yet.

These web previews have a new look, adding chat backgrounds and design elements from the fully-featured Telegram Web client.

Telegram's multi-national team includes many members from Ukraine. We wish for an immediate end to the conflict. In these troubled times, we find consolation in the fact that our work at Telegram helps people get quick access to critical information – from verified official statements to airstrike alerts that bring civilians to safety. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this war.

We will continue improving Telegram's ability to connect people in areas with limited coverage and withstand service disruptions.

March 11, 2022
The Telegram Team