Telegram News

Stories and 10 Years of Telegram

In this update, we launch Stories – with a unique dual camera mode, granular privacy settings, flexible duration options and much more.
Aug 14, 2023

Shareable Chat Folders, Custom Wallpapers and More

This update lets users share entire chat folders with one link, create custom wallpapers for individual chats, use web apps in any chat…
Apr 21, 2023

Power Saving Mode and More

This update brings a new power saving mode, optimizes Telegram for lower-end Android devices, adds even more playback speed options, and much more.
Mar 8, 2023

Profile Photo Maker, Translating Entire Chats, Emoji Categories and More

Telegram's first update of the year adds 10 major features by way of a warm-up exercise.
Feb 3, 2023

Hidden Media, Zero Storage Usage, New Drawing Tools, Profile Pictures for Your Contacts, and More

Sending media with spoiler effects, new ways to save space on your device, new drawing tools…
Dec 30, 2022

No-SIM Signup, Auto-Delete All Chats, Topics 2.0 and More

With this update, you can have a Telegram account without a SIM card and set up a global timer to automatically delete messages in all…
Dec 6, 2022

Topics in Groups, Collectible Usernames, Voice-to-Text for Video Messages and More

Today's update adds topics to organize discussions in large groups, a new form of collectible…
Nov 5, 2022

Infinite Reactions, Emoji Statuses and Much More

Telegram's previous update revolutionized emoji, adding an open platform for creating custom animated emoji. This update gives you even…
Sep 16, 2022

Telegram Emoji Platform, Custom Animated Emoji Packs, Gifting Telegram Premium, and More

Today's update introduces the Telegram Emoji Platform, animated emoji in messages and captions…
Aug 12, 2022

700 Million Users and Telegram Premium

Telegram now has over 700 million monthly active users. Today we're launching Telegram Premium – a subscription that lets you support Telegram's continued development and gives access…
Jun 21, 2022

Notification Sounds, Bot Revolution and More

Today's update adds creating your own notification tones, setting custom durations for muting chats or auto-deleting messages, as well…
Apr 16, 2022

Download Manager, New Attachment Menu, Live Streaming With Other Apps and More

Today's update brings tools to help you control your downloads, send documents with a tap, re-arrange media albums before sending, turn…
Mar 11, 2022

Video Stickers, Better Reactions and More

This update brings easy-to-make video stickers, better reactions with more compact animations and extra emoji, a button to review unseen…
Jan 31, 2022

Reactions, Spoilers, Translation and QR Codes

Telegram's 12th update of the year introduces reactions, message translation, themed QR codes, hidden text (spoilers), and more.
Dec 30, 2021

Protected Content, Delete by Date, Device Management and More

Today's update brings tools to prevent others from saving content from groups and channels, the ability to delete messages for specific…
Dec 7, 2021

Hyper-Speed Scrolling and Calendar View for Shared Media, Join Requests, Global Chat Themes on iOS and More

Today's update brings new ways to find memories in shared media with accelerated scrolling…
Nov 3, 2021

Chat Themes, Interactive Emoji, Read Receipts in Groups and Live Stream Recording

Today's update lets you set different themes for individual chats, share your feelings with…
Sep 19, 2021

Live Streams, Flexible Forwarding, Jump to Next Channel, Trending Stickers and More

Telegram 8.0 brings live streams with unlimited viewers to groups and channels, options to…
Aug 31, 2021

Video Calls with up to 1000 Viewers, Video Messages 2.0, Video Playback Speed and More

This update takes video to the next level. Group video calls now have up to 1000 viewers,…
Jul 30, 2021

Group Video Calls

Today's update lets you turn on your camera or share your screen during Voice Chats in groups – on all devices, including tablets and desktops. This brings voice chats to a whole new…
Jun 25, 2021