Mini App Bar, Paid Media, Story Search & More

Introducing Mini App Bar, Paid Media, Story Search & More

Our June update adds a way to minimize mini apps into a compact bar, helps content creators monetize their channels with paid photos and videos, and improves Stories by introducing search by hashtag or location and a new link widget.

Starting today, mini app developers and content creators can use the Stars they've earned to receive rewards in Toncoin – or buy Telegram Ads at special discounted rates.

Mini App Bar

More than 500 million Telegram users now interact with mini apps monthly to purchase products, access services, and play games.

Starting today, you can collapse mini apps into a bar at the bottom of your screen. This lets you respond to messages or open other mini apps – and then return to a mini app without waiting for it to load again.

Just in case you need to keep an eye on some hamster. 😌

To minimize an app, simply swipe down on its header. To reopen, tap the app bar at the bottom of your screen and select one of your active apps.

If you are a developer, check out this page for details.

Pay for Content with Telegram Stars

Last month we launched Telegram Stars for purchasing digital products in mini apps.

Now, content creators can accept Stars by publishing paid photos or videos on their channels. Subscribers will be allowed to view such posts only after paying the author to unlock them.

Just in case you want to charge people for watching your starfish. 😌

Creators can use Stars to get cryptocurrency rewards in Toncoin, or use them to advertise their channel and get even more subscribers – all of this with next to 0 commission from Telegram.

Search Stories by Hashtag

Tapping a #hashtag in any chat lets you see search results for that tag from your chats and from public channels. With this update, tapping hashtags in story captions lets you browse public stories with matching tags.

Just in case you want #more. 😌

If you're a content creator or business, you can use hashtags to help grow your audience – giving Telegram users a way organically discover your profile or channel.

Telegram Business offers powerful features for creators and companies and is included for free with Telegram Premium.

Search Stories by Location

Users on vacation, at an event, or simply out to eat can add a location tag to their story to show others where to find beautiful views and tasty treats.

Like hashtags, tapping a location tag lets you browse public stories from the same place – so you can relive last night's concert or preview your next travel destination.

Just in case we are not alone in the Universe. 😌

Only stories that you are allowed to view appear in hashtag or location searches. Private stories never appear in search results.

Premium: Link Widget in Stories

Premium users can make a link stand out by adding a link widget to their stories. This creates a stylish link preview on your photo or video, which supports both light and dark backgrounds to match your media.

Just in case a huge link is better than a 1000 pictures. 😌

The link widget lets you add a custom link name – which replaces the URL text at the top of the preview.

Rewards for Content Creators and Developers

Bot developers offering digital goods and services and creators monetizing their channels with paid posts are now able to use the Telegram Stars they earn to receive rewards in Toncoin or buy Telegram Ads.

Telegram takes practically no commission from transactions in Stars, so only taxes and payment system fees will apply. When you transfer Stars into your Telegram Ad account, Telegram even adds a 30% discount to cover all third-party payment system fees.

Toncoin Rewards

If your channel or bot has Stars in its balance, you can withdraw them as a Toncoin reward via Fragment. Toncoins are the main currency on The Open Network – the world's fastest blockchain. You can easily exchange them for any other cryptocurrency.

Just in case collecting Stars wasn't your end goal. 😌

To view the Star balance of your bot, open its Profile > tap 'Edit' > Balance. For channels, go to Profile > Statistics > Monetization.

Subsidized Ads for Creators and Developers

Anyone can place privacy-conscious ads in public Telegram channels to promote their bot, channel or group.

Bot developers and content creators can also use Stars to promote their bot or channel at a special rate with a 30% discount – creating a cost-effective way of reaching new users.

Subsidized Ads for Creators and Developers

Just in case you've beaten the marshmallow test. 😌

To use Stars for ads, go to your bot's or channels' Balance or Monetization section and tap 'Buy Ads'. Stars can only be used to advertise the same bot or channel that earned them.

For more details on managing your Stars, receiving rewards, and placing ads, check out the Terms of Service for Bot Developers and Content Creators.

That's all for today – we'll be busy browsing stories and playing games instead of working on the next update.

June 30, 2024,
The Telegram Team