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If you are a client, post job requirements/assignments to @BigBrandTreeBot

Group: @FreelancersBBT
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Happy Holi 2020

Social channel branding during festivals!
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Dear members, please follow our linkedin page by clicking on the link below if you are looking forward to be working on freelancing assignments with us.
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Freelancers and remote workers please register here;

If you are a client and looking to hire a remote worker, post job requirements/assignments to @PostJobsBot
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Now you can send us the job postings or job requirements to our bot @PostJobsBot which will be forward your requirement to @BigBrandTree & its network.

You can just post a snapshot of the jobposting that you came across or if you are a client yourself, please send us the following:

Rules for posting jobs:
1) What's the job requirements?
2) Skills Needed?
3) Is it freelancing assignment or work from remote location?
4) Deadline?
5) Budget?
6) Payment Mode?
7) Your location?
8) Your email address & preferably linkedIn account!
9) Don't forget to use #job

Please see:

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Freelancers ready to take up assignments join our jobs posting channel to get notified about latest job requirements first. 🥳

Click here: Jobs at @BigBrandTree
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This is the time that #brands should invest in building relationships with their customers. Imagine Voltas AC sending SMS to its registered customers as below:

We hope you are doing great, we would just like to bring to your attention that using AC to maintain your room temperature above 26 can reduce your risk of COVID-19 contamination.

We pray for your safety!

How as a Voltas customer you would have felt?

Let me know in the comments below! What else brands can do for #branding and #relationshipbuilding?

#brandbuilding #brandstrategist #brandingexpert #branding

More about branding here!
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Some amazing content on the way!!
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Are you working on your dream project?
Are you a startup trying to build your brand?
How do you name your brand / product you are going to launch?

Brand name is the first thing your customers hear or see about you.

Check how can you do that